Memes of 2020 : what should we expect for 2021?

It has been a long and terrible year, but now 2020 is finally over, and with 2021 starts a new year of memes and other shitposts !

Yes, that would be pretty much it. All I do for a living is reviewing memes and writing in english, because I’m a dumb man, and I can’t write properly in my own mothertongue !


First of all, let us just have a clear reminding of what 2020 was (for the last time, I promise you) : January 2020 was alright…

People were lucky enough to party on New Year’s Eve. Those who were born this month succeeded to experience a great month… That would have been if Kobe Bryant wouldn’t have died in a terrible helicopter crash with his daughter.

In February 2020, the shitshow started with a diplomatic crisis between the USA and North Korea. Both countries threatened to use nuclear weapons. But more importantly, the COVID-19 started to become worldwide. Europe was soon to become the place where the coronavirus would thrive and transmit at an alarming rate.

And then, you probably know how things turned out: massive outbreaks of COVID-19 patients in the entire world, the USA would become the country with the biggest number of infected people, then Europe, Brasil etc…


All of this resulted in one thing (something that I’ve already talked about in a previous article) : the MEMES !

Here is a little selection of the numerous memes about how 2020 could have been :

Before the pandemic
During the Pandemic
During the pandemic as well, just even worse

So yes, this year 2020 has seen some rather marvellous memes… If by marvellous, you mean potentially apocalyptic scenarios… Let’s just hope 2021 will be different !

2021, as a matter of fact, started just like 2020, with a considerable amount of shitty events. But does it come up as a surprise ? No, I don’t think so unfortunately.

Wondering what are the events I’m talking about ? Well, the « Storming of the U.S capitole » of course :

Meme inspired by the Fallout New Vegas gang

This event itself justifies the fact that 2021 didn’t start as well as we would all have hoped for. But even if 2021 had a rough start, with a fascist coup, just think about how much more is pending !

Yes, I can already hear you guys complain about the fact that this year, we should be optimistic, we should also see a brighter future, etc… To this, I answer : B R U H M O M E N T O. Because I strongly believe that 2021 will be even worse than last year. I may be wrong, but alas, 2020 started with WW3 threats, and 2021 almost started with a civil war in the U.S.

We’re all grateful that somehow, Biden’s investiture was peaceful, and not followed by massive protests…

If you think about it, has this election made our world any better ? We don’t know, we don’t care, we’re here for memes, and memes we shall have.

Have you guys seen the memes of the Cyberpunk 2077 release ? You know, the game with so much bugs and glitches that Fallout 76 « would just work » for real if you’d compare both of them ? Well guess what, Keanu Reeves is in the game, and memes about him flourished… Memes that are rather explanatory and not for children under the age of 18 years old :

yeah, why do you c o o m ?

This game has been the stepping stone towards 2021 memes, as the game was released with outrageous glitches, making its almost 7 years of development, look like crap.

You’ve just been skyrimed my boi

Indeed, memes from 2021 have included so far, such things as the Grubhub ad, the wonderful sea shanties, and our beloved Bernie Sanders, and his mittens, sitting, vibing, like we all should. This isn’t just a photography of the Democratic senator, but a promise of a better future, a promise that 2021 is going to be the year of « good vibes », the year where coronavirus might finally end, or at least, the year where it is beaten, via the numerous vaccines to counter the effects of the virus.

So farewell dear readers, this time, the article was short, but full of memes, and also promises. It began like 2020, in chaos, and thus, led to numerous promises of a doomed future, yet it ended with a good message, a message of hope for the months to come. Because yes, Covid-19 is still here, but soon enough, it’ll be all over, and we’ll all leave our forgotten routines, in pubs, in nightclubs, and others, we’ll drink a hearty cheer, for our loved ones, and for us all, because we will have pulled through a pandemic, because we’ll be greater than ever before !

Bottoms’ up lads !

Expat Bressan

"Seulô avoué du kanon ou de la byézhe ?" - Un Bressan quelconque mais bien rond

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3 commentaires

  1. Nice memes, but you’re mistaken regarding the US-North Korea shitshow as… it didn’t happen. You’re probably thinking of the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, assassinated by a US drone strike in January.

    1. Thanks for your comment lad ! Actually I was thinking about the memes considering a threat of a potential nuclear war between both countries, but that was way back in January 2020. And yes it didn’t happen, but as I remembered North Korea had been threatening the US a bit, with their « nuclear arsenal ». However, indeed, the assassination of Qassem Soleimani was the starting point of all this. Thanks for noticing this detail I forgot ! Your comments are always benefitial for us all.

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